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Best Practices in Heritage Management

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Best Practices in Heritage Management

Final Project


Cultural tourism is an expanding tourism market in Macau, the Ruins of St.Paul’s and A-Ma Temple, two most representative world heritage sites in Macau, receives thousands of tourists from different places every day. Gradually, problem arises, too many visitors come and they bring congestions.

Congestion was defined as “when physical obstructions block the natural flow or narrow passages cause the flow to slow down” (UNWTO, 2004: 3). Ideally tourists should experience popular urban cultural heritage attractions by moving along reasonably well-defined routes (Cros, 2007). However, congestions will affect their experience negatively.

In order to make sure of the current situation of tourism flows as well as congestions in the Ruins of St.Paul’s and A-Ma Temple, six groups of our Institute For Tourism Studies students went to the above two sites and collect data for research purpose in November, 2008. Data include visitor numbers, visitor types, and bus numbers and so on.

Our main objective is to manage the congestion, by identify congestions into three types, permanent, fluctuating and background congestion. Meanwhile, we attribute these congestions to buses, tourists, and guides separately. At the same time, we also give out some recommendations for improvement.

|Mid week |
|Group 1 |927 |
|Group 3 |1115 |

According to the data we found, there are the mix of Permanent, Fluctuating and Physical Congestion at the Ruins of St.Paul’s.

|Weekend |
|Group 2 |730…...

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