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Spare parts which need to be addressed or ordered:

Presently for right handed clutches you have on hand 2 new outer springs, 2 used inner springs, 0 outer clutch hubs clutches, 0 new right clutches
Presently for left hands clutches you have on hand 3 older outer springs, 6 used inner springs, 0 outer clutch hubs and 0 new left clutches
Presently for linear clutches you have on hand nothing
I recommend that you have at least six right hand clutches on hand either being new or newer parts also including the hubs, 4 left handed clutches and 2 linear clutches also with the above specifications for the right clutches
6 x Right hand clutches or clutch springs, (hub part number 14614180), (Complete clutch part number 14613870), (Outer spring 14613840 ?)
4 x Left hand clutches or clutch springs (Complete clutch number 14613880) (outer spring 14613830 ?) (Inner spring 14613120)
2 x Linear clutches (14611990)
Please be advised that the Moba Omnia machines only use right hand clutches and only on the denesters. All other clutches have been replaced with servo motors.

Off grade buttons (complete, buttons only, or tabs for buttons. (Since you have problems with buttons popping up on machine #3 this shows button fatigue. You also have three machines so you might consider getting a complete set of buttons and then use the used buttons for spares).
4 X Proximity switches (03200072)
Hardware an assortment of nuts and bolts organized in bins

MA19 synchronization board
General observation:
Spare parts are very disorganized and scattered about with parts from different machines intermixed.
Spare part inventory extremely low
Hardware (nuts and bolts) missing disorganized and scattered about. (It can take up to 30 minutes or more to find one washer and only then were we able to come up with a couple of used pieces). If you need to…...

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