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Complete the following before you submit your assignment. This step is required to validate your compliance with sections 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act. 1. Remove the front cover of the workbook and identify: * Name: Oskar Diaz de Leon _.

* Term: Spring1 2010 .

* Company: Apple Computer Inc (AAPL) _ .

* Instructor: Natasha Bell-Scott _ . 2. Print out your completed electronic template. 3. Attach the following: * This front cover (completed) * Electronic solution template * Company annual report
Chapter 1 - Introduction * Chapter 1: Select a Company and Gather Documents—Question 1Fill in the page numbers on the annual report where the following are located. | Required information for this workbook project. | Page No. | Required information for this workbook project. | Page No. | Financial Highlights (Not absolutely necessary, but very common in annual reports.) | 36 | Statement of Cash Flows | 59 | Chairman’s Message (President’s, CEO’s or other top official’s message or letter to the shareholders) | 36 | Notes to Financial Statements | 60 | Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) | 36 | Report of Independent Accountants or Independent Auditors’ Report | 89 | Income Statement(Statement of Earnings) | 36 | Five- or Ten-Year Summary of Operating Results | | Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position) | 56 | Management’s Report (Responsibility) on Internal Control over Financial Reporting (Item 9A. Control and Procedures in SEC 10K) | 93 | Statement of Change in Stockholder’s Equity | 58 | Investor and Company Information or Shareholder Information | 1 |

Chapter 1: Identify Why You Selected This Company—Question 1 A) What is/are your motivation(s) or interest(s) in selecting this company? [See above for examples.] B) What question(s) are you seeking to answer? [For example, is the company profitable? Can the company change and develop new products and services to be competitive? Would I invest in this company? Will the company provide rewarding career opportunities? In chapter 5 you will have pulled together the financial and nonfinancial information to answer these question(s).] |

A) One if the many reasons that Apple Inc Interests me is their drive to create innovative products. They are continuously setting industry standards on personal computing, which is why I would like to continue my research on Apple with the objective of investing. |

C) Would I invest into this company? Is this a wise investment? Does this company seem like it’s moving in the right direction? |

Company and Annual Report Essentials Chapter 1: Company and Annual Report Essentials—Question 1 What is the company’s complete name? |

Apple Inc |

Chapter 1: Company and Annual Report Essentials—Question 2 What is the address of your company’s corporate headquarters? |

1 Infinite Loop | Cupertino, California 95014 | | |

Chapter 1: Company and Annual Report Essentials—Question 3 Identify the company’s Internet site. | |

Chapter 1: Company and Annual Report Essentials—Question 4 Identify the telephone number and e-mail address of the company’s Investor Relations Department. |

Telephone number: 408-974-3123 | E-mail address: |

Chapter 1: Company and Annual Report Essentials—Question 5 Which stock exchange lists your company? |

Apple Inc. is listed on NASDAQ |

Chapter 1: Company and Annual Report Essentials—Question 6What is your company’s stock exchange trading symbol? |

Apple Inc. uses AAPL as their symbol. |

Chapter 1: Company and Annual Report Essentials—Question 7 What is your company’s Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) and code? You can identify this information by searching SEC Form 10-K. Recall that you saved this in an electronic format. Run a search on “Standard Industrial Classification,” and the classification and code will be identified. Your company may list more than one SIC code numbers. The first listed is considered the primary SIC for the company. For example: The Home Depot: Standard Industrial Classification: Retail-Lumber & Other Building Materials Dealers [5211] |

Apple Inc, 3571, Electronic Computers |

Chapter 1: Company and Annual Report Essentials—Question 8Locate the board of directors listing. How many board members does your company have? |

Apple Inc. has a total of 7 board directors |

Chapter 1: Company and Annual Report Essentials—Question 9How many of the directors are company employees, labeled inside directors? And how many are non-company directors, labeled outside directors? Why does a company want and need outside directors?(Inside and outside directors are typically identified as such by their title and company.) |

There are a total of 7 directors with Apple Computers, there is only 1 inside director which is Steve Jobs. There are a total of 6 outside directors from various industries. Outside directors are used to balance the decisions of the board. This also allows the company to get objective points of views and relate to other issues in the industry. |

Chapter 1: Company and Annual Report Essentials—Question 10 Leadership addresses the stockholders, typically, once a year at the annual stockholders meeting. Identify where and when this occurred, as reported in your annual report. | Apples Annual stockholders meeting will be held on February 25, 2010. The meeting will occur at 10:00 am Pacific Standard Time. The meeting will be held in building #4 at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014 |

Company Strategy and Business Environment Chapter 1: Company Strategy and Business Environment—Question 1 Review the chairman’s message of your company’s annual report. Does it appear to be uplifting or somewhat apologetic? Identify phrases that support your position. |

The executive overview seems to be in a path that is unique to its industry. Apple’s business plan is very well stated. To control and design the development of all its products. This maximizes the user experience on Apple software and devices.The message is very positive. “The company is uniquely positioned to offer superior and well-integrated digital lifestyle and productivity solutions”Apple has a large following and has established the standard on smart phones, digital music players and personal computing that other companies try to mimic. |

Chapter 1: Company Strategy and Business Environment—Question 2 Check below the one primary company strategy identified in the chairman’s message. Support your answer with phrases found in the chairman’s message that pointed you to the identified corporate strategy. |

Growth: Vertical Horizontal Concentric x Conglomerate .
Stability Retrenchment .

Phrases to support your conclusion: | While Apple’s main line of business is personal computing. It has expanded onto different markets and created bi-products that have increased its earnings. An example is the launch of the iPod. This has set a standard in digital music. It has also by demand launched iTunes, which sells third party software/media via its mobile devices.This has allowed Apple to move into markets that were not endorsed before like the education sector, government and corporate sectors. |

Chapter 1: Company Strategy and Business Environment—Question 3 Briefly summarize the company’s discussion found in Item 1 of SEC Form 10-K. |

Type of business: | Apple Inc. designs and sells personal computers, mobile communications devices, portable digital music and video players, software, services, peripherals and networking solutions | Major business segments: | Apples major business segments are personal computing, communications devices, and portable media players | Primary customers: | Primary customers are home computing users, mobile phone users, mobile media users and creative design/art industry. | Primary products and/or services: | Apples primary products are Mac Computers, iPhones, Ipods, digital content through iTunes. | Other: | Apple sells to consumers, small and mid-sized businesses, education, enterprise and government. |

Chapter 1: Company Strategy and Business Environment—Question 4 Identify broad-based social, political, economic, and technological concerns that may affect your company. Put N/A if one of the categories does not apply. |

Social: Apple has established its self as a quality brand. It has generated a division in the computing industry and gaining ground on its competitors. | | Political: n/a | | Economic: Because Apple is a worldwide company many of its raw resources are absorbed from other countries. Simple shifts in oil, dollar strength and stock markets could alter the financial position in which Apple operates. | | Technological: | The companys business strategy is to leverage its unique ability to design, create and architecture complete solutions. Apple is unique in the industry because it governs the hardware and software elements of their devices. This allows unique designs and expands on the innovation of their consolidated platform. | Other: | In addition to consumer, small business and other entities. It also provides solutions for the scientific community. |


Chapter 1: Wrap-up—Question 1 After further review of additional information you should now be confident in identifying the one primary company strategy, beyond the insight provided by the chairman’s message? Check below the one primary company strategy identified in the chairman’s message and all other supporting documents. Support your answer with phrases. |

Growth: Vertical Horizontal Concentric x Conglomerate .
Stability Retrenchment .

Phrases to support your conclusion from information gathered from the chairman’s message, Item 1 of the 10K and other insight gained from completing chapter 1.

After reviewing the business strategy and the executive overview. I am highly interested in Apple Inc (AAPL). The company strategy sets it apart from other computer electronics because they control both the software and the hardware. This allows Apple to take responsibility and credit for its expansion and social acceptability.Apple has shows to be extremely innovative and dedicated to improvement. They invest heavily into research and development, which is facilitated due to its high level of liquidity. |…...

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