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English 5 Paragraph essay
The Effect of Global Warming
The earth was created 4.5 billion years ago and it survived the ice age, the floods, the earthquakes… Will it survive Global Warming? Global Warming is harmful to planet earth and humans! First, CFC’s destroy the ozone layer and UV and infrared rays will kill humans. Second, air pollution will heat up and all the icebergs are going to melt and cities are going to flood. Finally, a lot of humans and animals are going to die.
CFC’s is a kind of gas that comes from deodorant, A.C., fridges, microwaves… When the CFC gases enter the atmosphere, they destroy the ozone layer. And because of that UV and Infrared rays can enter the earth and harm human beings. When a ray touches the human skin the human may get skin cancer or any other disease to the skin. So, we have to stop using microwaves, A.C., fridges and deodorant.
Another example of global warming is air pollution. When cars and factories and machines pollute the air, the planet will get warmer because of the gases. When the earth will get warm the icebergs from the poles are going to melt this will affect the golf stream. When the ice will melt all the cities and towns near the sea will flood. And a lot of people are going to die because of the water. And finally a lot of the animals and the humans will die. The animals like the polar bear will disappear because when the icebergs melt he will not be able to hunt for seals. And because of that the seals will overpopulate, they will eat all the fish and the food chain will be destroyed. As for the humans we will die because of the UV and Infrared rays from the sun which causes skin cancer, asthma and because of the floods.
All in all, global warming is dangerous and if we do not stop polluting, global warming will harm the human race. To prevent that try to stop using microwaves, A.C., cars, fridges and start using bikes, solar ovens and other eco-green machines.
Sincerely, Dr.Chekerdjian…...

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