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Reliance Communications Limited

Reliance Communications Limited
Date of Listing (NSE) : 06-Mar-2006
Face Value : 5.00
ISIN : INE330H01018
Constituent Indices : CNX 500,CNX Infrastructure,NIFTY,CNX 100

Issued Cap. : 2064026881(shares) as on 10-Aug-2010
Market Cap. : Rs. 36099.83(Cr) as on 10-Aug-2010
Impact Cost: 0.08 as on Jul-2010
52 week high/low price : 321.00/131.50 Ex-Date Purpose 16-Sep-2009 : Annual General Meeting 04-Aug-2009 : INT DIV-RE.0.80 PER SHAREPURPOSE REVISED 19-Sep-2008 : AGM/DIVIDEND - 15% 05-Jul-2007 : AGM/DIVIDEND-10%

Reliance Capital Limited

Reliance Capital Limited
Date of Listing (NSE) : 29-Nov-1995
Face Value : 10.00
ISIN : INE013A01015
Industry : FINANCE
Constituent Indices : CNX 500,NIFTY,CNX 100

Issued Cap. : 245632800(shares) as on 10-Aug-2010
Market Cap. : Rs. 18666.86(Cr) as on 10-Aug-2010
Impact Cost: 0.06 as on Jul-2010
52 week high/low price : 976.65/611.10 Ex-Date Purpose 30-Jun-2009 : DIVIDEND-RS.6.50 PR SHARE 18-Jun-2008 : DIVIDEND-RS5.50 PER SHARE 30-May-2007 : AGM/DIV-RS.3.50 PER SH 24-May-2006 : DIVIDEND-RS.3.20/- PER SH 30-May-2005 : DIVIDEND-30%

In four years (2005-06 to 2008-09)
■ Revenues: Rs. 426 crore to Rs 5,976 crore, a 14-fold increase
■ Net profits: Rs. 36 crore to Rs 1,016 core, a 28-fold increase
■ Total assets: Rs. 2,810 crore to Rs 24,260 crore, an 9-fold increase
■ Net worth: Rs.1, 438 crore to Rs 7,491 crore, a 5- fold increase
■ Customers: 0.6 million to 15 million, a 25-fold increase
■ Workforce: 2,317 to 25,258, an 11-fold increase

One of the top 25 most valuable companies in India
Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group 53.5 %
Foreign investors: FIIs, GDRs, NRIs, and others 21.6 %
Domestic institutions/Banks/Mutual funds 4.1 %
Indian public 20.8 %
Total 100 %

■ Market capitalization as on May 26, 2009: Rs. 20,992 crore
■ Traded in the futures and options segment of National Stock Exchange of India
■ Constituent of MSCI India
■ Became a member of the NSE NIFTY on January 12, 2009

Reliance Infrastructure Limited

Company Information Corporate Actions

Reliance Infrastructure Limited
Date of Listing (NSE) : 08-Feb-1995
Face Value : 10.00
ISIN : INE036A01016
Industry : POWER
Constituent Indices : CNX 500,CNX Infrastructure,NIFTY,CNX 100

Issued Cap. : 244870262(shares) as on 10-Aug-2010
Market Cap. : Rs. 27229.57(Cr) as on 10-Aug-2010
Impact Cost: 0.07 as on Jul-2010
52 week high/low price : 1404.50/950.10 Ex-Date Purpose 19-May-2010 : INTERIM DIVIDEND-RS.7.10 PER SHARE (PURPOSE REVISED) 02-Jul-2009 : DIVIDEND-RS.7/- PER SHARE 04-Jul-2008 : AGM/DIVIDEND - 63% 28-Jun-2007 : AGM/DIV-RS.5.30 PER SH 25-May-2006 : AGM/FIN DIV-RS3.80 PER SH

Reliance Natural Resources Limited Reliance Natural Resources Limited
Date of Listing (NSE) : 01-Mar-2006
Face Value : 5.00
ISIN : INE328H01012
Industry : GAS
Constituent Indices : CNX 500,JR. NIFTY,CNX 100,Nifty Midcap 50

Issued Cap. : 1633130422(shares) as on 10-Aug-2010
Market Cap. : Rs. 6426.37(Cr) as on 10-Aug-2010
Impact Cost: 0.09 as on Jul-2010
52 week high/low price : 96.00/39.00…...

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