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M.K Joseph’s novel “A Soldier’s tale” is a book exposing the harsh truth of love during the Second World War. Saul Scourby a heartless and cruel man manages to find love despite the many obstacles in his way. The author shows us a harsh love affair that demonstrates the range of human emotions on man has. His dreadful love story leads the reader to believe that a cruel person under the right circumstances can be taught to love.

Saul Scourby is a game keeper on Civy Street and this immediately prepares the reader to believe that Saul is an independent man that is unapproachable and hard to befriend. Saul is always being compared to a predator and animals high on the food chain, such as dogs and wolves. This explains to the reader his aggression towards when he meets her and his lack of respect. We learn this because Saul refers to her as a ‘regular Jezebel’ and treats her like a trophy or prize. M.K Joseph also includes snippets of Saul’s childhood and we learn that Saul was made into the cruel man he is. Throughout Saul’s childhood we find out that his mother left him at a young age and he was left to be raised by his grandmother and grandfather. Saul describes his grandmother as being ‘placid’ and raising him ‘strictly’. We also learn that she was extremely religious and we can see as readers that Saul is very religious too. An example of this is the biblical illusions that he makes ‘wife of Ahab’ and ‘Adam and Eve it’. Despite Saul being a simplistic character his biblical illusions inform the reader, that his grandmother was an extremely important figure/role model in his life. This helps the reader understand that Saul is not in fact completely heartless and this challenges the reader to feel empathy for him.

We are also informed that Saul’s grandfather was “firm” with him but in a “detached” sort of way. The relationship between him and his grandfather…...

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