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A Hopeful Indentured in Maryland

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A Hopeful Indentured in Maryland
Cindy Burdick
Kristin Nelson
University of Phoenix
March 5, 2010

My Dear Brother, I have been here in America for more than three years now. As you know I arrived as an indentured servant to Master Sinclair, who was kind enough to pay my passage here. He has treated me fairly these past years, and in three months time my contract with him will soon be fulfilled. At this time he has promised me a parcel of land with which to build my own home, and tools that will allow me to ply my trade as a blacksmith. I have been fortunate, for some in my position as an indentured servant have not fared as well as me. There are those whose masters are unkind, and harsh in the ways of discipline. They have time added to their service, or they are beaten, for indiscretions that would otherwise go unnoticed by normal freemen. The freedom dues that are promised to them at the end of their service go unpaid, and they are forced to either continue to work for the master or try to find a way to support them elsewhere (Brinkley, 2007).
I arrived here during a turbulent political time. The Declaration of Independence had already been signed. It states that all men are created equal, and we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I find it difficult to believe that I live in a place where I will be able to live for myself; to build my life as I see fit, and not labor to make someone else wealthy. I am looking forward to holding my head high, and knowing what I do is for me.
The leading men of this country have been working on building a new government, one that will be centralized, and stronger than the one in place now, which is governed by the Articles of Confederation. Under these articles the only the states can collect taxes, raise an army, or coin money. Under the new Constitution, the federal…...

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