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A Difficult Decision

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A Difficult Decision
Megan Melton
American InterContinental University


One difficult decision I have made in my life is deciding to go back to school. Before I decided to go back or to find a job, I considered many factors that would be involved. I considered how I would pay for it and how it would affect me and my children. I know that college classes require many hours of studying and work. I had to ask myself whether or not it was worth it to sacrifice those precious hours of time with my children. In the end I decided to take that leap of faith and continue my education. I know that it is going to require time and hard work but in the end it will be worth it.

In my life, I have had to make many difficult decisions. Sometimes I made the wrong decisions and choices whereas others I made the correct choice. So far in my life, one of the most difficult decisions that I’ve had to make is the decision to go back to school and to further my education. I considered many things when making this decision. I thought about how this would affect my children and me in the short and long term. As well as how it would affect my financial situation. Firstly, going back to school is what I feel to be a very positive thing. My children are very young and I want to finish my schooling to become a more positive influence on them. Upon finishing all of my courses and accomplishing my goal to get a degree, accepting a position with my degree backing me, will help me to provide for them. Most importantly, I believe that it will teach them to appreciate the value of obtaining a degree in order further allow them opportunities within life such as having a stable career path. Not only will it influence their appreciation of a degree it will also teach them the value of working and setting goals to achieve what they want in life. Next, I thought about…...

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