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about infy-----------
Infosys Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: INFY) was started in 1981 by seven people with
US$ 250. Today, we are a global leader in the "next generation" of IT and consulting with revenues of over US$ 4 billion.
Infosys defines, designs and delivers technology-enabled business solutions thathelp Global 2000 companies win in a Flat World. Infosys also provides a completerange of services by leveraging our domain and business expertise and strategicalliances with leading technology providers.
Infosys' service offerings span business and technology consulting, application services, systems integration, product engineering, custom software development, maintenance, re-engineering, independent testing and validation services, IT infrastructure services and business process outsourcing
.Infosys pioneered the Global Delivery Model (GDM), which emerged as a disruptive force in the industry leading to the rise of offshore outsourcing. The GDM isbased on the principle of taking work to the location where the best talent isavailable, where it makes the best economic sense, with the least amount ofacceptable risk.
Infosys has a global footprint with over 40 offices and development centers inIndia, China, Australia, the Czech Republic, Poland, the UK, Canada and Japan.Infosys has over 91,000 employees.
Infosys takes pride in building strategic long-term client relationships. Over 97% of our revenues come from existing customers. alliance-------------- AlliancesInfosys' services and business solutions are strengthened by alliances with leading technology partners.
We recommend technologies to the client based on what is best for the client. Wedo not solicit or accept influence or marketing assistance fees from any of ouralliance partners.
In a marketing alliance, Infosys and the alliance partner jointly deliver business solutions which leverage Infosys' industry, functional and technical expertise,
Infosys' Global Delivery Model and the alliance partner's technology and services.
In a technology alliance, Infosys works with an alliance partner to build business and technical competency in the alliance partner's technology through training, engagement with the alliance partner's technical support and development teams and the development of tools and methodologies at Infosys' Centers of Excellence.
Infosys has consistently been honored by customers, industry bodies, media and other influencers. The following are among the recognitions we received over the past year:
An independent analyst has cited Infosys as a leader in SAP implementation services, noting that "Infosys' SAP practice is aligned along verticals to ensure that clients get the benefit of its deep vertical process expertise."
Infosys moved up to No. 14 on FinTech 100, an international annual listing of the top 100 global application and service providers to the financial services industry. British Telecom and Infosys were awarded the National Outsourcing Association
(NOA) award for Innovative Outsourcing Project of the Year 2007.
Infosys entered the Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for Executing Strategy on the strength of its innovative strategy planning and execution capabilities.
Infosys was honored with the Sharpening Brand and Competitive Differentiation
Marketing Excellence Award from the Information Technology Services Marketing
Association (ITSMA) for its success in shifting its perception from a provider of offshoring services to that of a partner that helps companies reshape their businesses in a flattening world.
Beyond Business
Infosys began its journey in India's business environment in the 1980s, in an era when endless red tape was imposed on the private sector. In this environment, building a company whose long-term objectives included operational longevity, high ethical standards and global respect demanded commitment to a core set of values.
For Infosys, these values focus on instilling trust in our relationships with all stakeholders, including employees, investors, clients, society and the communities in which Infosys operates.
At Infosys, we believe that we must develop trust with the communities in which we operate to achieve longevity as a corporation. Through the Infosys Foundation, which receives a grant every year from Infosys (the last year's grant was US$ 3 million) we contribute to betterment of healthcare (hospitals, infrastructure), education (books, scholarships, refurbishment of infrastructure) and skills.
Infosys emphasizes its commitment to investors through stringent corporate governance. Infosys was also among the first Indian companies to voluntarily comply with the US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and now provides financial results in the GAAP of six countries.
With employees from over 41 nationalities, Infosys has built an enduring value system based on openness, honesty, fairness and transparency, which has earned us the confidence and trust of our clients. We enjoy a +95% customer retention.
Infosys has built one of the largest corporate education centers in the world.
This 'finishing center', with an annual capacity of 15,000, provides engineering graduates who aspire to be employees with the equivalent of a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from an American university.
Learn more about our initiatives to preserve arts and culture, encourage talent, support education and healthcare, create a sustainable culture of caring for the environment, and provide impetus to tomorrow's global companie…...

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